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Cultivate the Sonoran Lifestyle

To                   So that     everyone will be inspired by gorgeous florals   

simply paisley is a flower farm located in Tucson, AZ at the foothills of the Santa Catalina mountains of the Sonoran desert.

This is a hopes and dreams transformed to reality.

The floral color pallets are gorgeous and inspirational for any occasion.

The  natural beauty of the desert provides me with inspiration, growth and a creative spark. With the fiery morning sunrise and the evening sunsets, it opens me up to an exploration of color ranges.

The aridity of the area promotes it's own unique situations. I'm on my way to a Waster Harvesting Design Certification so I  can harvest water effectively to replenish and reconnect water cycles to keep these beauties watered.

I approach my flower farming to be practical, cost-effective , and above all unforgettable.

Every bouquet or arrangement will be my  flowers, all  grown here locally in Tucson.

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