Stitch Maynia

My plan for this year’s Stitch Maynia is to start a new project every Wednesday. There’s five in the month so that means five new projects. I haven’t exactly decided which five projects they will be but I have narrowed it down and every Wednesday I will choose something from that stack, kit it up, and get to stitching on it. I’ll work on it all week until the following Wednesday when I will start all over again with a new project. This allows me to participate in the fun but still keep my number of WIPs down to something manageable.

My choice on May 1st was the May chart from A Year of Celebrations by Hands On Design. I love how all twelve months are included in the one chart! Not to mention these are such fun to stitch! I swapped out some of the thread colors because I preferred something that popped instead of the pastels. Nothing to drastic mind you! I’m using DMC so I just grabbed the darker shade in the same color family. An easy way to choose a substitute!

Today’s pick is Red, White, & Blue from Lizzie Kate. This came kitted up with all the goodies for finishing. I love the blue houndstooth wool! I still need to pull the threads I need so off I go!

Have a great day!

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