Some Fall Stitching

As I mentioned before, fall is my favorite season for stitching! I just love all those burnt oranges and olive greens and harvest browns! The perfect palette for stitching! Or a 70’s kitchen!

I started working on Autumn Acres Farm by Hands On Design last year but only got as far as stitching the truck and “Pumpkins for Sale” sign before switching over to winter projects. I picked it up again last week and have added some more pumpkins and leaves and this and that. I thought stitching on black would be difficult but so far I haven’t had any trouble at all and I’m really enjoying this design!

Anyhoosie, I thought I would share my progress since it was time to move the ole Q-Snaps! I might leave them off for now and stitch in hand while I finish up the pumpkins at the bottom.

Phil and I are having a Thursday Date Night tonight and heading over to the local theater to see the Downton Abbey movie! I really miss the PBS series so it will good to see everyone again! And it’s free popcorn night! Woohoo!

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