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It’s Wednesday!

Time for a new Stitch Maynia project! I saw a bunny hop across the street when I was out for my morning walk today so I felt inspired to stitch something with a bunny in it! I found Bunny & Co. from With ThAy Needle & Thread in my stash so I pulled together the […]


Stitch Maynia

My plan for this year’s Stitch Maynia is to start a new project every Wednesday. There’s five in the month so that means five new projects. I haven’t exactly decided which five projects they will be but I have narrowed it down and every Wednesday I will choose something from that stack, kit it up, […]


Let’s Put a Pin In It!

I’m putting the “simply” in Simply Paisley with this project! It was so quick and easy! I thought I would share how I put it all together in what couldn’t have been more than ten minutes! I used a small canning jar leftover from my failed attempt at making freezer jam a couple of years […]


Saving the Stitches

One of my favorite things to do when Phil and I are in Florida for the winter is to visit the local thrift stores. I always keep an eye out for anything cross stitch related, whether it’s patterns or thread or finished pieces. Today I was digging through a bin full of miscellaneous crafting materials […]


New Year, New Blog

Today I am celebrating the launch of my new blog! Some of you may already know me from my past blogs, the last iteration being “Paisley’s Posts”. I just might be the Madonna of the blogging world as I seem to reinvent myself every few years! (Oh gosh! A Madonna reference??? Am I dating myself???) […]