DIY Fall Wreath

I made this super quick and easy fall wreath today! And when I say quick, I do mean quick! Like maybe 10 minutes total! And when I say easy, well, it doesn’t get much easier! I may as well throw cheap in there too as it cost me all of $4 for three black and orange checkered scarves from Dollar Tree and a wire wreath form! I already had the fall foliage leftover from other projects, but Dollar Tree has a lot of artificial flowers for the same $1 price tag which would have brought my cost up to a whopping $5!

If you’d like to make your own, just grab a few scarves and a wire wreath form! I tied the ends of two scarves together to make the bow and then wrapped them around the form. I used the third scarf to fill in the rest of the way around, doing a bit of scrunching here and there and tucking the ends behind the wreath so they wouldn’t show. I then stuck the ends of the foliage behind the bow to hold them in place and, voila! Done!

Hope your fall is off to a great start!

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