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Rainy Friday

What is it about a rainy day that makes me want to just curl up in a big chair and… do nothing? It’s actually a perfect day to catch up on YouTube videos so all is not lost! No doubt I will find some cross stitch pattern I have to have or a craft I […]

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Five Random Facts About Me

1. According to Ancestry DNA, I am 53% English & Welsh, 32% Irish & Scottish, and the rest German, French, & Swedish! 2. Phil and I run a B&B! 3. My midlife crisis car was a red Mazda Miata! 4. Phil and I enjoy line dancing! 5. I trained as a chef for a year!


New Year, New Blog

Today I am celebrating the launch of my new blog! Some of you may already know me from my past blogs, the last iteration being “Paisley’s Posts”. I just might be the Madonna of the blogging world as I seem to reinvent myself every few years! (Oh gosh! A Madonna reference??? Am I dating myself???) […]