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Rainy Friday

What is it about a rainy day that makes me want to just curl up in a big chair and… do nothing? It’s actually a perfect day to catch up on YouTube videos so all is not lost! No doubt I will find some cross stitch pattern I have to have or a craft I […]


Blackbird Designs Stocking Finish, Take 1

Not bad for a first attempt at finishing a Blackbird Designs stocking! There’s definitely room for improvement but I learned what to do (read through all the instructions first) and what not to do (assume you know what you’re doing even though you’ve never done this before)! My second attempt should turn out muuuuch better! […]


A Saved Stitches Finish

This is one of the “save the stitches” pieces I picked up at a thrift store in Florida last season! The original post can be seen here. I had all the goodies for finishing it into something snazzy but never got around to it. Such is the case with a lot of things these days, […]

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Some Fall Stitching

As I mentioned before, fall is my favorite season for stitching! I just love all those burnt oranges and olive greens and harvest browns! The perfect palette for stitching! Or a 70’s kitchen! I started working on Autumn Acres Farm by Hands On Design last year but only got as far as stitching the truck […]


DIY Fall Wreath

I made this super quick and easy fall wreath today! And when I say quick, I do mean quick! Like maybe 10 minutes total! And when I say easy, well, it doesn’t get much easier! I may as well throw cheap in there too as it cost me all of $4 for three black and […]


Fall Finishes

‘Tis the season for me to pull out several fall projects and hunker down in my big, green, comfy chair for some stitching! Fall is by far my favorite season for stitching so I have a lot of patterns to choose from! This year I decided to do something a little different, however, and pull […]

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Five Random Facts About Me

1. According to Ancestry DNA, I am 53% English & Welsh, 32% Irish & Scottish, and the rest German, French, & Swedish! 2. Phil and I run a B&B! 3. My midlife crisis car was a red Mazda Miata! 4. Phil and I enjoy line dancing! 5. I trained as a chef for a year!


A Day Late

I didn’t choose my next Stitch Maynia project yesterday as planned but it’s still May so it’s all good! This is Sweet Land of Liberty by Heartstring Samplery. I decided to coffee dye my fabric and I’m pretty darn satisfied with the results! And it couldn’t have been easier! I just stewed my piece of […]


Maynia Continues!

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for another Stitch Maynia pick! This week I’m starting the June Word Play from With Thy Needle and Thread! I had all the called for threads in my stash as well as a chunk of 32-count Dirty Linen so I am all set! I just need to carve out […]