Let’s Put a Pin In It!

I’m putting the “simply” in Simply Paisley with this project! It was so quick and easy! I thought I would share how I put it all together in what couldn’t have been more than ten minutes!

I used a small canning jar leftover from my failed attempt at making freezer jam a couple of years ago. It holds about four ounces and I thought it was the perfect size for holding pins. Next, I cut out a circle from a scrap of fabric, about six inches in diameter. With a doubled length of thread, I sewed a gathering stitch around the fabric circle, about a half inch in from the outside edge. I pulled the threads to gather up the circle and inserted some polyester stuffing in the middle. To assemble the lid I placed the jar ring on the table, laid the “puff” over it, and then smooshed it all together with the metal lid insert. I had to adjust the amount of stuffing I had used a couple of times but eventually I got it all together and screwed it onto the jar full of pins. Presto! A cutie patootie pin cushion!

If a pin cushion isn’t something you need, you could use the same technique and just skip the stuffing. Use a bigger jar and fill it with buttons or bobbins or any other sewing accoutrements! Have fun!

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